Richard Cáceres — Timeline of work
Richard Cáceres is an artist who creates experimental systems for musical expression.
imagination transducer (diy contact microphone)

This video tutorial will show you how to make a contact microphone out of a $2 Piezo Transducer (part#: 273073A) from Radioshack. You also need an some sort of audio connector, which can either be salvaged from old electronics (preferred solution) or bought from Radioshack as well. This video also demonstrates how to make shockmount for the mike out of scrap styrofoam. You can use this contact microphone to amplify various musical instrument and even objects. Here are some examples: mbira (as shown in the video. aka finger piano), ukulele, guitar, cello, glass, and pretty much any sort of idiophone, membranophone, and cordophone :).

This microphone is cheap and can be mounted on your instrument for recording and live performance.

I have to give a shout out to Jamie Burkart who showed me how to make this contact mike in the first place!