Richard Cáceres — Timeline of work
Richard Cáceres is an artist who creates experimental systems for musical expression.
Interactive choir performance arranged and conducted by Richard Caceres at the sprint Dortort gallery opening.

Performed by V. Bianqui, M. Daalder, Y. Holzworth, M. Miller, G. Michael-Brower, T. Westhaus, D. Wu, R. York

Performed on May 13, 2009

Using a make-shift audio setup, discrete audio signals were routed and mixed in real-time to eight performers who were instructed to reproduce, as accurately as possible with their voice, the sounds they heard in their headphones. The performance lasted thirty minutes.

The sounds were a mixture of pre-recorded loops and live recordings. The content included spoken poetry, industrial noises, farm sounds, musical harmonies, and more. The choir was made up of new and old friends.

The performance was a made possible through the UCLA Hillel Center and student curators.
Materials: USB Audio Interfaces, Eight Pairs of Headphones
May 2009