Richard Cáceres — Timeline of work
Richard Cáceres is an artist who creates experimental systems for musical expression.

The album is a reflection of my changing outlook towards sound and music. It is about experimenting with and embracing of all sounds. It is about degrees of composition - some tracks are composed songs, other are recorded sounds, some contain musical improvisation, some tracks are renditions of songs composed by other artists, some tracks are played with other musicians, another track is about learning to play an instrument, and one was created with loops on a Sega Dreamcast.

Together this is a collection of sounds that I hear and create. Uniquely, they form my sound identity or my sound world.

This release is also the fruit of a challenge to create a 45-minute 20-track album in a few months. It is technically my third album. It's dedicated to whomever it may concern.

September 2007